Krugozor magazine 1976 (USSR)

USSR, 1976. Magazine “Krugozor” № 4. Г92-0533171-1. №№ 11-12

Side B

1. Love Remembers (S. Hart / N. Newell, arr. and cond. by Johnny Douglas)

2. Till (C. Danvers / C. Sigman, arr. and cond. by Tony Osborne)



His expression is restrained, but deep and passionate. A voice weaving out a subtle pattern of sound nuances, suddenly prompts your imagination to a sunny southern city, cut by canals, slumbering in a gray-haired sultry haze. A captivating manner of singing with a slight swinging of vowel sounds, with sliding transitions from tone to tone. Sung by Robert Young

Four years ago, one of the British newspapers awarded Robert Young with the award for “Best Male Vocal Number of the Year”. Then he was awarded the “Grand Prix” of the International Song Festival in Yugoslavia and two gold Oscars. The ten years preceding the take-off were for the singer a search for himself in the abyss of musical trends and styles.

The son of a dock mechanic, Young grew up in a working family. And although experts drew attention to his giftedness in childhood, for many years nothing augured the young man’s singing career.

Young played great bagpipes, guitar, clarinet. The passion for singing came along with the emergence of vocal instrumental ensembles. The first test is not the club scene in Newcastle, then performances in various ensembles, finally large orchestras.

– I studied with different teachers. But all of them were adherents of classical pop singing, says Robert Young. – I was very interested in the art of Gigli, Caruso, Lanza. But the opportunity to try myself presented itself in a different musical direction. And yet, the style of the great singers, whom I love very much, won. I do not confess the achievements of fashionable performance, perhaps I am conservative, but I prefer the classical stage. I am happy that the “current Young” has much more listeners than the former.


Album Love Remembers