No More Tears (single)

UK, 18.02.1974. EMI‎– 2120 (Vinyl, 7″, 45 rpm, single)
USSR, 1974.07/08. “Melodiya”. Г62-04185-6 (Flexi, 7″)

Side A

1. No More Tears (Не надо больше слёз) (Hart — Norman Newell, arr. Nick Ingman)
2. For My Love (Для моей любимой)

Side B

1. The World Keeps Turning (Буду любить тебя вечно) (Rebeznik, Newell — Norman Newell, arr. Nick Ingman)
2. The Story of a Starry Night (Звездная ночь) (Adapted from Tchaikovsky’s «Pathetique» Symphony) (Hoffman — Curtis — Livingston)

The Great Britain LP (EMI) is called “Robert Young With The Mike Sammes Singers” and contains only two songs: No More Tears and The World Keeps Turning.

The USSR gramophone record (Melody) is called “Robert Young. England” and contains all four works.

Album No More Tears

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